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Allegria Bulgaria is a graphic design studio based in Bologna established in late 2017 by Arianna Di Betta and Cecilia Piazza. The studio works in the cultural, institutional and commercial fields, designing mainly visual communications, editorial productions, brand identities, web design, installations and exhibitions, and sometimes projects for public spaces and strategies for art promotion.

We manage our time between commissioned and self-initiated projects; the small structure of our studio allows us to be flexible and to work closely with our clients.

Arianna’s complete CV
Cecilia’s complete CV

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+39 393 2050909 Arianna
+39 348 5168559 Cecilia


– Premio Nazionale delle Arti
*Shortlisted project: Le Provinciali

Ciciri, Illustration and Graphic Festival, Palermo

– Call to design a new identity for Palazzo Vertemate Franchi, Piuro (SO)

The Wall, Bologna
*Awarded Gold Mention


Tutor nel Laboratorio di Design della Comunicazione 1, professor Donatello D’Angelo, Università IUAV, San Marino
(Arianna Di Betta)

Pho-to-booked, Summer School SISF, Pieve Tesino (Cecilia Piazza)

(Hypothetical Asked Questions)

– Why this name?
Do you know a band called Elio e le Storie Tese? They have been an ironic Italian rock band; they may seem silly at first, but their musical compositions and performances highlight a really fine quality research. We paid a small tribute to them through this name, hoping to acquire this lightness/precision dualism.

– What do you do?
We design books, magazines, identities, advertising, postcards, posters, logos (visual communications in general) and sometimes we draw illustrations and shot photographs.

– How do you work?
We try to understand clients’ needs, and to create project proposals that are coherent, elegant and, we hope, never boring.

– Who are your clients?
Anyone potentially. Associations, business, or freelancers that need any kind of visual representation (graphic, photographic or illustrational) to fulfill a communication need.

– Why should I trust Allegria Bulgaria?
1. We are accuarte.
2. We are a “young” studio.
3. We may be repetitive, but a characteristic that makes us recognizable is that we try to use irony (lightness) as a tool for communications.
4. Everything will be fine.

– Can we meet up?
Sure. We’d like to meet you to talk about possible projects to share or just to have a spritz together. Usually we are in Bolgona, but sometimes in Rimini or Varese too.

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